BOScoin Takes Smart Contract to a New Level

There are so many advantages cryptocurrencies can bring to our life. Some cryptocoins can be used solely for financial transactions, some others can be used to play online games. We also have heard some digital coins, like Ethereum for example, that can be used to make contract that is famously used as Smart Contract.

If you like the idea of arranging a contract with cryptocoin but you want something more than what Smart Contract can offer, you definitely can try using BOScoin. BOScoin is a new cryptocurrency platform that will provide you all the benefits of Smart Contract, but along with something more attractive. Here are some things you need to know about this cryptocurrency.

What is Trust Contract?

BOScoin is used mainly to make Trust Contract. It actually works pretty similar with Smart Contract, where blockchain is used to record financial transaction so the need of middlemen is eliminated. However, Trust Contract is designed with plenty of better technologies that make transaction more secure and easier to do. Those technologies are Web Ontology Language (OWL) and Timed Automata Language (TAL).

OWL and TAL makes Trust Contract better because it eliminates two factors that makes contract becomes uncertain. The first one is the fact that Smart Contract can only be read by programmers while the second one is the lack of decidability.

Even though those two things actually make making contract easier, which is the essence of making digital contract with cryptocoins and blockchain, this practice also makes it hard to gain people’s trust in the system. OWL, TAL, as well as SDLang, the language that is used to write the contract, enable to separate the declaration and processing contract. As a result, general public can participate in making the contract, which in the end, will make it more trustworthy.

What Makes It Special?

The Trust Contract along with its secure technologies of course has become the most attractive service of BOScoin. However, it is more than just a platform to seal a digital contract. If you are currently trying to fund a project, you can also take advantage of this platform.

BOScoin has an account called Commons Budget. The coins in those accounts can be transferred to fund a project, but only when the proposal of the project is already approved by the Congress members of BOScoin. Common Budgets is an excellent way in showing its worth as well as getting the words out to the public, considering the cryptocurrency is still in initial stage.

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