Do Virtual Activities and Economy Easily with Octanox cryptocurrency

Do Virtual Activities and Economy Easily with Octanox cryptocurrency

In this twenty first century era, almost every single thing in our lives turns into digital. Some of us may not need to go to the ‘actual’ market to buy groceries or things we need because we can buy them online. Some of us also may not read ‘actual’ newspaper and books again since many of them are available online too. It is going to happen with our money too that soon as it follows the trend. Our today’s review is about Octanox cryptocurrency that will be one of the best options for you to watch your coin flourish.

Advanced technology payment system

Octanox is a cryptocurrency which is decentralized using POS and POW systems as well as x11 algorithm. POS and POW systems are only focusing on multiple platforms which will be used for virtual activities and virtual economies. It will be a new and revolutionary way to create online transactions. Its platform that is decentralized can avoid any interference that can break into Octanox. The source code in Octanox can be seen by public as well. It will be the perfect solution for you to use your money easily and safely in the future.

What distinguish Octanox from electronic and coins currencies

In Octanox, it supports different platforms. It is an ultimate strength that makes it different from other electronic and coins currencies. It is such a tough and complicated process to integrate our coin in different fields and areas. Meanwhile, multiple currencies of platform are indeed unfamiliar sight. And in this case, Octanox has overcome this looks and gaps to forge forward with this benefit. The roadmaps of Octanox are including:

The Unique System of POW and

Many altcoins uses POW or proof of work system. Octanox uses it too with a hybrid system. The miners will be able to earn about 0.8 Octanox per transaction fees and blocked mined. And in every ten million blocks, that reward will reduce until Octanox gets a point where the fess of the transaction is enough to sustain its miners. Meanwhile, the reward of POS system or proof of stake mining will be given to those who have a large of Octanox. The more Octanox you have, your earnings will be bigger through POS system.

Do you think you are ready to see your coin becomes more and more? With Octanox cryptocurrency, your money will be used it very well and you can do a lot of virtual activities and economy easily.

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