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Bitcoin exchange platforms are one of the most integral parts in this cryptocurrency. Not only do they help buyers to connect with sellers, they also facilitate deposits as well as withdrawals. However, as we all Bitcoin enthusiasts are aware of, there are so many things in a marketplace or an exchange platform we must pay attention to before using in order to ensure all of our transactions and security. Some aspects we must look for are liquidity, security, trading tools, as well as fees.

While there are so many exchange platform options in the industry, finding one you can trust and is also suitable for your needs can be extremely exhausting. Luckily, nowadays you don’t have to go around looking for the best alternative like I was back in the day, simply because there are a large number of well established and reliable Bitcoin exchange platforms. One that has recently caught my attention is, without a doubt, the Exscudo.

One of the best things from this exchange platform is its availability to international traders, something that was extremely difficult to find in the past. Yes, Exscudo doesn’t only accommodate international traders, but is also backed up with a dedicated team composed of developers, board members, advisors and many more experts and enthusiastic professionals to ensure the marketplace gives us the support we need. What I love the most about this marketplace is the fact that it’s extremely easy to use, if you have credit cards and access to internet, you’ll be able to use it!

There are a lot to love about this new exchange platform, from the merchant services and gates, to its astounding trading instruments which support connection from all operating systems. It does not matter whether you are trading using the trading instruments via their web service, mobile, terminal, or WebSocket or API — the performance ability and stability are as good as the other option. As for the transaction itself, Exscudo comes with bank services such as wallets and bank cards — making trading a simple task.

Are you one of those traders who finds yourself interested on what Exscudo has to offer, but are concerned about its transparency and analysis? I was there once in the past, however, Exscudo has since added market analysis to a long list of its features. With easy to comprehend listings and graphics, Exscudo also provides reports and analysis to keep up with its transparency front.

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- Twitter: https://twitter.com/ex_scudo
- Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1781624.0

Author: wahyu5

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