My Life

I am fourteen years old. I went to Windsor Elementary School and South Middle School. I love to hang out with my friends, play soccer, and read. I play the violin, and I have played for seven years. I have a sister, and I love to play soccer with her. I work really hard at school and I never rest until all my homework is done. I enjoy doing crafts, like knitting and sewing. I am working on a half-cross-stitch project right know. The project is a christmas stocking wall hanging that has cardinals in scarves on it.

This song means a lot to me because “Eye of The Tiger” was my soccer coach’s favorite thing to get us pumped up for a game.

Picture of myself at 9:00 P.M

First high school football game!


Photo credit: Kid’s Music Corner

Mozart has always inspired me with his beautiful music that I play on my violin. It is so fun to play music that is well known by many people.

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Alex Morgan has always inspired me to push myself in soccer and to try my best in everything. She is such a great soccer player, and that is what makes me admire her so much.

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Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a big part in my life. He proved that you can do pretty much anything, and that has always made me do my best.


“Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.”- Benjamin Disraeli
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