I filled my life with stuff from here and there.

All my hard earned money was sitting in boxes. Everything that i worked so hard for was lying packed and wrapped. There was no where to go from here. This was all baggage. Little did i realize that i was pouring my life in to these materialistic things. My happiness was a direct proportion of the stuff i bought.

I started adding more stuff everyday. Not feeling good was easily solved by shopping therapy all the time. I bought stuff and so much stuff. I filled the home with all kind of fancy gadgets and decorative pieces. I spent more time cleaning and organizing things.

As years went by i was cleaning more than living. This includes my laundry time as well. I had all sorts of ill fitted clothes and stuff in my closets. I had accessories i never touched for years.

I created a pile of stuff that at cost of a lot of $$$ and no value. I bought a bottle or two of wine every week. that was about $200 a month and $2500 a year. And sometimes a lot more.

My saving depleted and i was on verge of a zero balance. I just hid behind my credit cards to make it all better. I started living from paycheck to pay check.

Gradually I realized how my money was trapped in to things i did not need. I started feeling the need to feel good from within.

On a fine Friday i took a day off from work and started de-cluttering. One day at a time i started getting rid of stuff that i did not need. I did so by donating, giving away and Craig’s list. I started feeling good, one box at a time and now all that i own is love and my life.

Minimalist living gained more importance in my life. I had more time for things i loved doing and spent very less time cleaning. It was a massive change that i continue to work towards and hope to be clutter free.

A few sites i recommend. These helped me make the change and i am glad i found them.

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