Universe of Possibility

Every thought has a story to tell.

Every word has a million more to follow

Every sentence has a myriad opinions in waiting

Nitara did not know this was her last conversation with him. She did not seem to understand why he thought this relationship must be ended.

After the seven holy marriage vows, three kids and fifteen years there was nothing to question or doubt. Her modesty seemed foolish for the moment in which he owned up to his love for another woman.

Nitara stood still at the door from where he walked away with his belongings. She did not think this was real yet this was true and in a few mins her oldest Urmi will be back home. How would she explain this to her?

Her second was at hostel and the third was fast asleep in her room. With a universe of thoughts she walked back in to the house. She felt no sorrow in the minute after that and later. She knew he was gone and for good.

She sat there waiting for all these thoughts to be sucked in and then rose up to walk in to the kitchen. She saw his last coffee mug by the coffee maker and she picked it up and threw it straight in to the trash can.

The door bell rang and Urmi was home.

“Maa, is baba gone?” she asked.

Nitara looked at Urmi “ Yes he left us for another woman and for his happiness, he is no more in this house”

Urmi looked at her mom and thought with 10 years by her side.

“Good, but maa we are still here and she walked in to her room to come back and give her mom a hug”

Nitara smiled and hugged her back.

A universe of possibilities and this was one.

We make our own choices and every day we have new options and new choices.