When Life Gives You Lemons — Lemonade Or Lemon Rice? No, Wait!

For those who thought this was a recipe for a brilliant dish, apologies from the Author’s end. This is a bit serious than a recipe.

We read 100, let us say 1000s of articles on the web on how to tackle challenges in our life, how to escape issues, how to live a peaceful life and so on. What should we expect from those? Some general ideas we will never be following further in our life, considering we are lazy!?

Well, this is not much different from such articles. Although, we will be focusing on only the mistakes and the reasons as for why the annoying stuff stays with you even after you try to get rid of it.

No, this is not going to be boring.

Understanding Constants And Variables

If your boss is making your life a hell, you can change the way you perceive the situation. Unfortunately, you can’t change your boss. Hope you understood the constant and variable here. Bragging about the person who is your least favorite, their worst looks and unnecessary attitude will leave you in the worst corner of the hell and the annoying one would still be happy. Apparently, you are worsening the situation. One huge mistake!

Now, Math! What?

Picking Up Activities You Have Never Done Even In Your Previous Birth

Given the situation is making you feel bad, do not go for an art class if you failed in art lessons during your schooling. Why do things you once hated and keep proving yourself that you are never going to achieve a thing in life? If you wish to learn, then go gradually. Tournaments after one-day training is a bad idea!

Human Talk — Avoid this one, particularly!

You feel like a loser already or your life simply seems to be giving you enough problems to handle for a day. Let’s say you read this article about taking a walk early at 5 in the morning to get rid of stressful thoughts. What is the best possible mistake you do here? Call up a friend for the walk and listen to their stressful issues. End result? You will not feel any positive change because the purpose to make you feel so, vanishes when another human gives you inputs of stress and more stress.

Criticisms and Suggestions

This is the phase where we go for an extra mile, otherwise known as a bad idea, by calling out for people to give you advice or suggestions. Deal with the fact that people love to criticize. Someone teaching you about situations that you can deal by yourself won’t help.

What is the point of the entire scenario? Sometimes, it is good to deal the situation all by yourself until you badly need another pair of hands. Feel lonely during a walk? Take your pup with you. Get rid of sad songs, especially the ones that relate to the situation. Understand that there is always a solution. Know that stress fades away when you let go of it. Go for activities that’d make you feel like an achiever. Do stuff that you know already. The winning result will compliment your confidence. Live your life peacefully, the easy way!