How to engineer a win — Art of possible

Now that its clear and we have a projected winner expected to change global politics, I felt it an apt time to write this opinion piece. A world badly divided and driven by the whims and fancies of a unilateralist and white supremacist, looks to see a healing touch.

No prizes for guessing what I am referring to. The primacy of world politics now shifts to am individual who goes by the name Joe Biden. One who has had a less than remarkable stint under the Obama administration and was annonymous in the run-off to the Democratic primaries till February this year. The very same elderly gent is now the newfound Messiah of the world which is reeling under a lab made Pandemic and expected to pilot “The Greatest Nation in the world” back to some semblance of normalcy. My post will analyse a few factors that led to his victory and the shenanigans behind the scenes that finally ousted Trump.

Of course erratic and unsavoury exchanges by Trump using his Twitter feed along with his out of control approach definitely contributed to his downfall. However it is too simplistic to assume this is the only thing that worked against him.

Hidden behind the scenes, a few billionaires with an axe to grind against Trump put in their effort subtly and surely to influence public opinion against the soon to be ex-President. Without a doubt engineered protests and media blitzkrieg against any Trump measure fanned the discontent. Media put a scanner on every move and did get many chances to pin the Don on his multiple missteps.

Radical left organizations have had a second coming in the US and are likely to continue revealing their hydra-headed facets in the time to come. Democrats have thrived on exploiting the so called under-privelaged classes to good advantage. Race, religion, immigration akin to caste politics in India became a mantra for success. The atmosphere was vitiated by an inherent class divide that has existed in America for some time.

The economy took a bad hit after the Corona Virus impact and led to weaning away of the voters from the GOP to the Democratic side.

Let us not ignore the China factor looming over the results. There are powerful forces using Chinese money to deny Trump a second term. There should be no misconception that Biden is nothing other than a pawn in the hands of very well connected and powerful masters.

At least 50 percent of Americans are celebrating and may see a sobering effect after the rough ride of the past 4 years but time will tell if there is any positive coming out of the regime change.




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Sridhar Gopalkrishnan

Sridhar Gopalkrishnan

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