Making borders irrelevant — India, Bangladesh and Pakistan

Indian subcontinent was chopped by the British when they left India. It created India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Bangladesh and Pakistan are failed countries — Bangladesh is a poverty ridden cesspool that is badly governed and Pakistan has somehow managed to corner all; the undesirable elements in one place — including hatred, bigotry and violence.

India has somehow managed to avoid the worst elements of these two countries — it is no model nation however, there are undesirable elements in the form of right wing Hindus, rampant corruption and substandard infrastructure. But, it has its redeeming elements — a thriving economy, a majority of population that has a positive outlook on life and a relatively vibrant economy (compared to the other two countries).

Why not combine the countries; India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, into one big land block and call it “United India”. Pakistan and Bangladesh would be getting stable government that is based on rule of law. Fringe elements in these countries would quiet down or more likely become irrelevant. The youth in these countries would have something to look forward to — a decent education, a vibrant job market and stable prosperous future.

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