Ramifications of Brexit

Young people will leave UK, their likely destinations will be mainland Europe or developing countries. Youth go where the growth is, and it wont be in UK.

Old people will suck up benefits in UK: The welfare economy will increasingly favor the old, they will use up more resources than they produce. NHS and other government programs will get gutted over time.

Finance will flee London: HSBC and Standard Chartered will move to Hong Kong or NY. Technology is disrupting Finance in a big way, and it is a position of not needing any physical location to exist — so places like Netherlands (good regulations + low tax rate + educated multilingual population) will be massive beneficiaries.

Educated immigrants will move to mainland Europe: The new destinations for educated immigrants will be mainland Europe or the US. If Donald gets elected in the US, Europe will enjoy the sole benefits of educated immigrants.

Jobs will move to developing countries: China has good infrastructure, but its policies on freedom of people and the language barrier will prevent it from being the hub. If the politicians in India play it smart — it could become the next hub for growth and jobs.

This is democracy in action — a small narrow minded (uneducated) group of people determine the fate of a country!

There is something to be said for denying certain sections of democratic society their right to vote. They are just smart enough to make educated decisions. They just don’t know what is good for them!

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