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Hi Chris,

I do agree the feel of walking through a bookstore checking out new collections or the smell of the old books borrowed from a library cannot be replaced by technology. But times change and so do out preferences. When I was a kid, I devoured paperback novels (there were no e-readers and tablets back then!). But now all my reading is on my iPad. I cannot remember the last time I bought physical copy of a book.

Going digital has some advantages:

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Since I purchase books on Kindle, my reading progress gets synced across all devices. Mostly I prefer reading on my iPad before sleeping but when I am outside and waiting aimlessly, I just fire up my phone and pick up where I left off. Sometimes I do this even in traffic signals! I have started reading more books and also I can track them easily.

  • Inbuilt dictionary makes it seamless for me to search the meaning for a word and carry on. No more writing it down on a paper and later referring a dictionary.
  • The note taking feature allows me clip sections that I find interesting, replacing my highlighter.
In the good old days I snuggled in bed with a book by my side, now its my iPad.