The Burning Candle

Have you ever spent 15 minutes staring at a candle flame? I guess not, but you should. This is an activity mentioned in the book “Megaliving!” by Robin Sharma. As a person who likes to constantly improve my life and hopefully not repeat mistakes, I do read self-help and inspirational books on a regular basis. Yup! I am not embarrassed to ask for help.

None of us are completely broken or completely perfect. Life is always a work in progress.

Coming back to the what makes staring at a flame for 15 minutes interesting. In Megaliving!, this is one of the techniques that Robin suggests will train the human mind to focus on the little things for extended periods of time without any distractions. Let me just quickly check that Whatsapp message. And am back! I decided to give this experiment a try.

I have been practising meditation for a long time and have no problem sitting still for twenty minutes. I let my thoughts pass through and try not to contemplate on them (Read more about Mindfulness). So instead of keeping my eyes closed I sat in front of a candle and looked at the flame. I could see the texture of the flame and the designs it made when the wind blew. The flame twisted and turned like a 2-dimensional piece of paper. Just above the wick of the candle there was a black circle engulfed by an orange flame. The black circle grew and shrunk; threatened to eat away the orange flame like a black hole but the flame wasn’t one to give up. It was a beautiful ballet with black and orange “dancers” choreographed by the wind for my viewing pleasure. I was amazed how quickly the time passed and I kept looking at the candle with childish wonder.

Even the smallest of things in life appear amazing when seen without any prejudice and judgement like an innocent child.

So go ahead and give it a try. Get a candle and find a quiet room to sit down and jot down your experience.

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