Influencing social behaviours during the pandemic — Taking learnings from behavioural sciences this article shows a way for individuals and policymakers alike.

We are going out. It’s the North East Festival that happens every winter. This is my first time. I am excited as I am hardly exposed to the cultures of North East India, and this is my chance. So I wear a dress that I feel good in. Matched it with a jacket to keep me warm from the late evening winter chill. But my dressing is not done. Our final wear just before exiting the door is a black Vogmask hung over our ear lobes. It is to protect us from the smog outside.

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Source: https://aqicn.org/city/delhi/iti-jahangirpuri/

~2018 to ~2019, over two years were our stay in Delhi. And as can be seen, green days are hard to come by. Informed by AQI is how we made our lifestyle decisions such as whether to step out for work or rather stay indoors, or whether to exercise or not. In the first week in the capital city of India, we invested in an air purifier. This was December 2017. Usually, October to December is when Delhi witnesses an uptick in air purifier sales. It is not that the pollution is in check during the earlier months (have a look at the spread above). It is just that between October to December is when Diwali comes and goes. And the smoke from the stubble burning in nearby states makes its way into Delhi via the northwesterly winds. Augmented with the winter fog, these incidences make the risk of smog more salient, thanks to media reach around that time. This risk salience nudges consumers to act for their safety. …

It is not easy to work from home. I have been an independent collaborator working from home for over two years now. And it took me a good one year to steady my productivity whilst working from home. Why was it so difficult?

Like many, I love the idea of WFH, albeit I thoroughly enjoyed my stint working with people and teams in an office setup. Working from the comforts of the residence gave a sense of own-office ownership. When I was still an office goer there were days when I had to WFH. I used to find myself being most productive those days, mainly because I did not want my team to think that I am sitting leisurely at home while they are diligently running around. So I made sure there were work updates and intermittent email communication to show that work is progressing at the pace it has to. …

Recently I shifted to live in my own house. Along with that dream coming true, I brought to life another one. Having my own garden. I never anticipated the learnings I gained through gardening. The activity is more than just a patch of green contribution. The experience of working with fresh soil and little samplings. The experience with in-ground life forms and winged beauties. They let you step into another world within your household.

I have lamented about this blissful experience in my article at The Dopamine Plant Issue#2, pages 20–22. Have a read!




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