She is not a princess..&

He is no prince too..

But they are the prince and princess of each other.

The Prince saw her in the town where she has just moved in. She saw him too. Shy they dinn said hello!!

But what a start of the tale it was.

Days passed by and everyday they wished each but only in there heads…

And one day he went to her, smiled and handed her a piece of charm .

That was when the stars sparkled upon them and a new story begun..

Everyday they would found a new reason to talk

Never the Less they both knew their roads will meet at the same turning.

The happy they were ..without each other they never walked.

The princess was so in love, she never thought of anything else but him.

She did not realized that she would have been caught.

Her father ..her dear father said not to meet him again

But there love was strong enough

She sneaked out everyday just to see her prince once.

Many obstacles they passed by which made them love each other more and more.

And today they love each other like they have just met.

There Story is not that of Romeo&Juliet

But he is Mr. Darcy for her

And she Elizabeth Bennet for him..

Stealing each other away everytime..

A Love Story that not everyone knows about..

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