Yes! Life is no bed of Roses…!

Its been a while that I have to live all alone.
Happens that all those with whom we have planned to take on a flat by ourselves and live together for a while are gone.
Not by there choice but by the structure of the work we do.
Soon after the initial training we all were drifted apart.
Maybe its for our own good as I believe myself that whatever happens …happens for a reason.

Its not been a long time when I have wished I could stay all alone and independent but now I have known how hard it could be when you do not have anyone even to share your whole day experience after coming home from work. And to tell the hard truth everybody is busy in there own materialistic way. So where to go , being your own self, reading books, articles, looking at each and every one on the social sites.. is that all??

Now I got to know that life is hard and sure its not just filled with roses ..and living it alone makes it even more hard.
But when you have got the right group to live with you are gonna enjoy every drop of it.
Miss you all!!
Dedicated to you all…..

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