5 Reasons Why Rotimatic is Worth Its $999 Price

Srijala S
Srijala S
Aug 10, 2018 · 5 min read

By now we all know that Rotimatic comes slapped with a premium price tag of $999. The price stays the same across the 12 markets it is active in, with nominal charges for logistics and express delivery depending upon your location. And if you don’t yet know what a Rotimatic is, here’s an introduction:

Although the ‘technology marvel’ has (according to the website) so far served almost 25 million rotis to thousands of households around the world who have believed in its power and magic, I thought I would take this opportunity, as I come to own a Rotimatic for one whole year this month, to shed more light into how and why the smart roti maker is priced so.

Rotimatic vs its $999 price

Basically why I think it is priced so. I am a customer from the US of A, so my experience is from an American perspective. Although I have my roots in New Delhi, India. I am totally amazed by Rotimatic, and so is my family. So, as a writer, it is my duty to share what I think with the world.

The Rotimatic price in USA is same as it is in Australia or the Middle East: $999 plus shipping charges, as far as I could find online from their website. The reason for this is that all units are manufactured in their primary factory in Malaysia (per Wikipedia). The units are then shipped directly to your home addresses.

So, what are the major factors that influence Rotimatic price? Let’s find out…

The attraction towards Rotimatic pauses at the price usually; I have found within my circle. (Unsplash)

Rotimatic is Not Just an Appliance

Rotimatic is popularly compared with high-end smartphones of the 21st century and provides features that are advanced and way superior than the traditional flatbread maker.

It is not just an appliance that sits on your kitchen-top and bakes fresh and hot rotis. It automates the otherwise complicated process of roti making, gradually learns your eating habits, and ultimately empowers you to be the master of your own creative culinary art.

Rotimatic is an experience that is out of the world and hugely different to those phones that myfriends talk about on Quora.

But how is it different?

It is a Product of Technology and Engineering

Rotimatic was in development for close to nine years since 2008. The amount of research and manpower that went into it — from its first prototype to the latest 2018 upgraded version — makes it a superior adversary to traditional flatbread makers that I was earlier talking about.

Rotimatic is an advanced robot. (Unsplash)

Here are one-line descriptions of some of the most advanced technologies that make up one Rotimatic unit:

  • Artificial Intelligence ensures that your 4th roti is better than your 1st and is exactly how you like it
  • WiFi support upgrades the firmware automatically ‘without the fear of unsaved files… err, we mean recipes. (When was the last time your microwave oven upgraded itself?)
  • Robotics simplify the measuring, mixing, and kneading processes so that you don’t have to break a sweat assuming proportions

If these technologies are not enough, let me talk about how it actually saves you money…

Healthy Rotis, 5 Cents a Piece

According to my web research of existing Rotimatic customers, thanks to the 13000-strong Rotimatic community on Facebook Groups (which I’m a part of), the $999-priced product has successfully replaced dine-outs. Whether you are in the USA like me, or New Zealand like my 85th relative, or Dubai, I have compared the universal average prices of rotis to find out an interesting number.

When you make one roti (which takes less than 90 seconds, by the way) with Rotimatic, it costs you around 5 cents on an average. Mashable tells me it’s between 40 cents and half a dollar when you dine out, which reinforces my belief that Rotimatic will pay for itself within a year.

Compare your daily roti with the Rotimatic price. (Unsplash)

Now go back and take a look at how much a roti cost you the last time you were at a local Indian diner. When you come back, I will be ready with the time factor…

Using Rotimatic is a Piece of Cake (or Roti)

A wise person once said: writing an easy book is difficult. And I cannot agree more. I strongly believe that the development team at Rotimatic definitely took inspiration from this saying to create the smart roti-making robot.

You can either use a dishwasher to clean your unit or use the complementary cleaning accessories; the display user interface makes the product manual redundant; and finally the perk: a polished white-and-orange unit sitting on your kitchen will earn you those coveted stares from friends and relatives.

I know I have and I still do even though my friends have been over countless times since I got it last August. (I use the dishwasher to make things easy, by the way.)

Rotimatic is easy to use because it was difficult to design and produce. But I have one more reason for you…

A Lifelong Partner

Rotimatic is a one-time investment. No frills attached. 12 months ago I paid $999 + $67 to bring one home and my family of four is happier than ever. I haven’t had the reason to call customer care yet, but I have heard things about it. Which, as it should, does not come between me and my experience. So far.

With a shelf life of many years, it is an investment that will stay with me (and you) for a lifetime. Or even through the next generation. My daughter, Sania, would be a deserving heir; but don’t tell her.

I already have signed up for the extended warranty service that protects my purchase for at least 3 years (the 1st year was free), which means you will be probably on your second smartphone when and if the time comes.

I know that majority of my friends and fellow users are put off by the huge price, but just look at the numbers above and you will see that there are plenty of customers who have bought Rotimatic and now reaping the benefits. Enjoying home-made rotis and creating the habit of healthy eating and living through generations is something that I live by, as an Indian…

Which is why I think the Rotimatic price of $999 is totally worth it. Follow me for more takes on my investment as I move into the second year…

Srijala S

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Srijala S

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