Poems which was not published

After i broke up with my girlfriend, i started witting a poem. Poem which made me feel strong, it was like my punching bag. i write whatever comes in my mind and try to make rhyme of it.

My first poem was when i broke up with her and i want to be together again, and i came to know that she already with her ex-boyfriend, i thought she was playing with me and i wrote my first poem,and it goes like this:

“Do you truly love me ?
not forcing you but asking you.
when you hold my hand with love and care,
i felt your love
being with me are you happy as i am?
my love is for 1 not for 2.
some believe 5 years love wins
and some don’t want his happiness and luck fly away.
you are clever or dumb or experiencing two.
there is no both option in life.
trust is the pillar of love
but lie is the bomb
if you really love me than
don’t let bomb break the pillar.
  • to every lover to this planet”

i showed to my roommate, he said not bad. Week later i try to contact her she said ‘ i want to choose you, i am happy with you and i was like so happy. Same night i wrote new poem to impress her, it goes like this:

after i die i wake up from the dream
in this dream i am dreaming to get you
every night we have different dream
but mine is same as yours
happiness and sadness is part of dream
want to spend those moments only with you.
god god i ask you
will my dream come true.
if i get you
my dreams comes true.

she said that i really have talent to write poem. We were happy together, after a month her ex-boyfriend called her. she was sad, and i asked her about it, he is coming to meet me, she replied. i said you don’t need to go. she didn’t listen to me. she went to meet him. she said very wrong thing happened,i am sorry. I have to choose him. i was angry and sad, i couldn’t say a word. that night i could not sleep whole night. I planed to write a poem to make me feel little better.

choose me or him
its not a chess game, its a life game
please make a move
your are queen now
i know how to swim
but i am drowning
give love to one
you will get back one
dont be late to choose
afraid of time
everyone do mistake in life
but this is not my mistake
i choose happiness as i love you
not deeper than ocean or
higher than sky
but just length of my hands
because i can hug you.
this love is just for you.

i send her this poem, there was no reply from her. i went to meet her but she already move from that. i was sad. i was alone.

From that day i started writing poem, not only love but motivational, party song and more.

She is the reason i start writing poem, thank you.

I have written many poems, today i am happy writing. i even started writing book.