Small Challenges Made me Super Happy Yesterday

Its was day time of Saturday, feeling sleepy, listening to classical music, relaxing. I was so happy doing this, i usually do nothing in weekends , and my senior came up in my room and said, get ready don’t you know we got a attend the Dragon boat festival. i was like, come on its Saturday, go grab some bear from my fridge.

You promised me remember,let’s go. Gonna be fun there,will know many people.


We went there, less people though, they was teaching how to make pyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves. I tried it several times but i cant make as good as them.

After that there was quiz about geography and Chinese history, i answered two of them. i was sitting next to one guy who was not from Russia, but he was lying that he is Russian. There was a question in Quiz, Which is the biggest country in the world? he was like its my country, its my country. I asked him i thought you are from Kazakhstan, he replied, yeah but my mother is from Russia, so. (I knew him because we were in taijiquan group, we also had some fight on the mat.)

I thought why would anyone hide his nationality.

After the quiz there was game, Musical Chair , i always loved this game so i went to participate. I also won the game, everyone was clapping for me , that guy was like you got a big ass bro.

He was always pulling my leg and i was doing his too, and suddenly he asked me if i want to play a roll of Shaolin master, i asked what do i have to do? he replied we just have to fight and say some dialog.

Cool .

He was far better than me in the fight. he said lets fight in a mat next day, what say? i accepted his Challenge.

Activity was nearly over and one of my senior came to me and said lets go party tonight, i said, no i don’t feel like going today.

He said, it will increase your communication skill if you go there.

I asked him why do you think i cant increase my communication skill inside campus, he replied no you can’t.

I took that as Challenge too.

Every night from 10- 11:30, i go to do street workout, many people come there and do exercise, people also practice kung-fu, they play with big stick, rod and all, this time i went to them and asked how to play with this and i talked to them. talk about their routine, where they was from and all.

I am so happy that i started two new things:

  1. learn new style of Kung-fu.
  2. Started communicating with people.

I done this because of those challenge, but today also i am going to do the same thing. Now i have started i am gonna nail it.

I felt so good before sleeping yesterday. I thanks to that senior who took me to the activity.