March is almost here and 2019 is already two months old. How were your first couple months in this new year, guys? I’m currently in Bengaluru and recently started working with the Growth team at Clarisights. It has been an exciting month of learning, new experiences, and meeting new people!

First things first, what is Clarisights?

Clarisights is a reporting and analytics platform that enables marketers to make sense of and gain unique insights from data. Our platform is a seamless in-browser experience — users can add marketing data sources and begin answering questions on the data, minutes after signing…

Lately my decision making has been all about avoiding disappointments in the future. Whenever I approach a decision, I tend to ask myself which option I’m going to regret later. Will I regret working more and not going out often? Maybe, but what about my excitement to learn something new. Will I regret drinking more alcohol? Possibly, but what about the fun and the enjoyment with my friends while having it? Would I have regretted not going to this beautiful, old city of Dubrovik in Croatia? YESSS, OFCOURSE YESSS!!!

Dubrovik Airport!
Landing at the Dubrovnik airport!

Dubrovnik, Croatia has an aura about…

You can’t really get over the Eiffel Tower, can you?

Opportunity is a funny thing, Paris is an amazing place and when the two combines — You can’t really complain, can you? :D

This June, with a passport and plane ticket in hand, I said goodbye to my family and stepped onto an airplane headed to Paris. The city of Paris is famous world-over for its food, wine, art, people and culture, and there are always new restaurants opening, new artists and musicians to discover.

For the summers, I was going to learn a great deal by experiencing tech, growth and marketing through my work. I was working as…

Year 2022, May 20.

Still 19 in my eyes, still 19!

A sunny day in Barcelona, Spain. Cules all over the city, excited and anxiously waiting for their last La Liga match at Camp Nou for the season. Moreover, they all look sad. The clock is spinning in circle, the time is coming, 60 more minutes until the match starts. Barcelona are on the top of the table with 5+ points, and no matter what the result be, they will be the Champions. The Camp Nou is filled to the limit. People are begging the guards to let them enter. There are hundreds of people outside. …


This is the third post in my series of Operational Transformation (OT), the real time collaborative editing algorithm. The first and second posts were How Real-Time Collaborative Editors work? [Operational Transformation] and Operational Transformation, the real time collaborative editing algorithm respectively.

As mentioned in earlier posts, Operational transformation was originally born due to the need for consistency maintenance in collaborative text editors. …

This is the second post related to Operational Transformation, the real-time collaborative editing algorithm. The first post was How Real-Time Collaborative Editors work? [Operational Transformation].

In this post, I would be digging deep into the transformation function, how clients wait for acknowledgement from the server before sending more operations and the compound operational transformation.

Transformation function

To recap, for handling concurrent operations, we use the tranform function that takes two operations that have been applied to the same document state (but on different clients) and computes a new operation that can be applied after the second operation and that preserves the first…

For this summers, I would have the incredible privilege of interning with Typeset. I am really excited for this opportunity and would be working on implementing collaborative editing using Operational Transformation algorithm on the editor with the tech team. This post will explain a very naive approach to the Operational Transformation algorithm.

I have read various papers on both the methods of implementing collaborative editing : Operational Transformation, which goes back to 1989, when it was first implemented by the GROVE (GRoup Outtie Viewing Editor) system (this algorithm is quite old, and Google uses this algorithm for collaborative editing for…

As more and more Node.js projects are being coded, deploying a nodejs app just got easier. I would guide you through on how one can deploy a node.js app in minutes using Heroku.

What is Heroku?

Heroku is a cloud platform that lets companies/individuals build, deliver, monitor, and scale applications. It is often regarded as the fastest way to go from an idea to URL bypassing all those infrastructure headaches (i.e, one doesn’t has to worry about infrastructure; just focus on the application).

What Heroku offers?

Heroku offers Platform as a Service [PaaS] type of cloud computing, the delivery of computing services : servers, storage, databases…

If you’ve ever wanted to contribute to open source projects but don’t know where to begin, here are some tips to get you started.

Good understanding of one programming language of your choice

Understanding of a programming language is not just knowing the syntax or how recursion works. If you already know that, great! You are past the first hurdle. Next, you need to take up the task of learning the multiple major libraries and packages that are going to be used in any medium to large-scale projects. Look up the relevant libraries of your programming language and devote time to learning them. …

As the JavaScript community continued to expand rapidly in last few years, a lot of good things have happened to JavaScript as a language. One of those good things was its penetration into the server-side development world via Node.js (yaay).

Disclaimer: the list if highly biased and subjective. It is in no way was intended to diminish usefulness of other ES6 features, which didn’t make it to the list simply because I had to limit the number to 3.

1. Default Parameters in ES6

Before the arrival of ES2015, when one wanted to specify a default parameter in a function, he/she had to do it…

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Growth at Clarisights. Passionate about tech, data, analytics and football.

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