Are you choosing to live in your own cocoon?

I have been pondering over a huge problem I am seeing with the mass adoption of social media and the proliferation of information sources around us. It’s a massive problem — and it is that more and more people are seeking out only that information and news that they like to hear. They want to read, listen and associate with information and feedback that is comfortable to their own beliefs, ideas and values. With so many options for information out there, they are comfortable living in an information bubble that coddles them.

This results in what is known as “confirmation bias” — and results in very insulated and siloed viewpoints, ideas and beliefs that harden the more you reinforce those views with friendly and agreeable sources of information. And then they are shocked and stunned when alternate outcomes resulting from alternate views prevail. I have friends and family guilty of this — they listen to radio stations they like or news that comforts and fits their world view.

I’d argue we all do the exact opposite — challenge our own assumptions, test them by exposing them to alternate views. If they crumble, then they were weak ideas to begin with. If they don’t, those are ideas worth holding on to. While this has certainly come to the fore this election cycle — resulting in a lot of grieving souls, this concept applies even more consequentially to our businesses, careers, people relations, faith, prejudices and presuppositions, etc.

Virtually every issue that’s worth thinking about has at least two facets — it behooves us to look at the other side and see if you can understand it — even if you don’t agree.

Rock your own boat — at your own pace and your own time — or you run the risk of it being rocked when you’re not prepared for it to be.

I highly recommend this article — a very good read.

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