democratizing information & services

In the fast moving world of startups & internet/mobile companies, sometimes we focus too much on the competition & lose focus on the core purpose of being part of the awesome internet/mobile industry in India.

At the core of it, we are all in the business of democratizing the information & services for the Indian citizens. We sit on a core set of services like banking services, telco services, smart phone companies but at the end of it, we should take pride in democratizing information & services to millions of people in India.

With your contribution, have you seen the number of people who have become comfortable recharging prepaid minutes using apps? Have you seen the number of people who can order phones from remote parts of India & have access to them on day 3 of launch & without paying a premium? Have you seen the number of people who can book travel tickets from remotest parts of India without having to waste valuable time going somewhere to do it & paying a premium?

This kind of convenience was available only to a select few lakhs, people who were based in urban locations with access to information & services. With the proliferation of smart phones, internet & apps, the same service is now available to millions of people in India without limitations of location or anything else!

Each one of us have contributed in our own small capacity to make this democratization happen!

That should be the strength that drives all of us to tackle issues & move the world ahead!

Cheers to all of us!

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