HostGator Cloud Hosting Review : Is it Reliable?

HostGator Cloud Hosting Review : Are they still any good?

HostGator is a web hosting company that is well known for its speed, its uptime, and its reliability, atleast until May 2015 when the news broke out that it was acquired by Endurance International Group. Started in 2002 in the dorm room of a Florida by a student named Brent Oxley, the company is still one of the largest options for web hosting. If you have followed any of my previous posts, I am not a big fan of Hostgator, especially their Indian counterpart’s dedicated hosting service and I have covered in depth why, read Hostgator India Review. But recently they have launched their premium cloud hosting service and things seem to….

Is Hostgator Cloud As Good as their Mascot? Lets find out..

Well let me kill the suspense.. things have picked up from where they had initially left and HostGator Cloud Hosting is an impressive option that comes in at the top for cloud hosting options.

Everything that went wrong with Hostgator over the years has been fixed with their new premium cloud service and how! I’ve been using their cloud for a while now and I have nothing to complain for except they aren’t as cheap as one would want them to be, however when you want speed, uptime and reliability with great support and then compare other providers offering something similar at even higher costs, you can’t argue that Hostgator cloud offers great value. So go ahead and sign up for it if you were skeptical before Click here and Use coupon 25MODEL to get additional 25% OFF. Read on to know what all is on offer at Hostgator Cloud..

Summary of Specs

Most of the web hosting providers claim to have uptimes that are over 99.9 percent, but HostGator cloud actually delivers when it comes to that promise. In the past six months, the downtime for the HostGator Cloud was less than an hour of time. Having that kind of uptime ensures that you are not losing money because your company’s website keeps going down.

The speeds that you can get when loading your site to a web browser are amazing. In fact, HostGator is two times faster than most of its competitors because of the premium hardware and the low-density servers being used. Processes and content requests will be lightning fast, which keeps your users from waiting to see your content.

It is also four times more scalable; in fact, you can easily upgrade without creating any downtime or requiring any reboots. In addition, the number of domains that you can have, the bandwidth that your site requires, and the amount of storage that you need is all unlimited, so you do not need to worry about reaching a cap. Files are also saved on three different servers to ensure their safety.

Overview of Plans : Have your Pick

Hatching Cloud (Recommended)

This option offers you a single domain with 2 GB of memory and a 2 core CPU. It gives you unlimited sub domains, bandwidth, and storage.

$4.95 per month — Click here and Use coupon 25MODEL to get additional 25% off.

Baby Cloud

This is the middle tier option that gives you unlimited domains, sub domains, bandwidth, and storage. It includes access to four CPU cores and 4 GB of memory.

$7.95 per month — Click here and Use coupon 25MODEL to get additional 25% off.

Business Cloud

This is the highest upgrade that you can get, and it comes with access to six cores and six GB of RAM. All of the same features that are unlimited in the Baby Cloud are also unlimited here, and you have access to a dedicated IP free of charge.

$9.95 per month — Click here and Use coupon 25MODEL to get additional 25% off.


  • The uptime for HostGator Cloud is as close to 100 percent as you can get without being perfect.
  • You will never wait longer than a few seconds to load your web page.
  • The interface is easy to navigate. Deciphering plans and signing up for what you need is simple.
  • Daily backups can be set up to run automatically.
  • Technical and customer support is quick and painless. You can reach a representative through live chat, email, or by phone.


  • Social media sites do not offer support for this web hosting service, so you will have issues communicating with Twitter and Facebook.
  • The domain name is not free on HostGator.

Final Thoughts — Hostgator Cloud Review :

The HostGator Cloud Hosting options that you can choose from are amazing. The up time is remarkable, and the speed is nothing to sneeze at. There is a good amount of customer support available to you, and the three plans are all offered at a decent price if you factor in all the details. Do note, you will have to pay for a domain name, as a free domain is not included in their cloud hosting offering but having unlimited domain options, storage, and bandwidth should make up for the cost. I give a thumbs up to Hostgator Cloud and can comfortably recommending it to others.

Please note, if you have clicked on one of the links above and made a purchase of Hostgator Web Hosting, I will be paid a commision, called affiliate commission. However this is a standard practise followed by all web hosting companies and is not unique to Hostgator, which is why our recommendation is based on its performance and not solely because of the incentive, however you can choose not to click on the links and open them manually in the next tab if you like. Thank you.