How to make a website - Step by step guide for beginners

So you want to start a website, may be you just want to blog or maybe you want to offer services as a freelancer or just want to have a decent website for your existing business or probably want to start one now with it.

Now, what should you do? Do you need to hire a professional web design agency now? How much should you spend to make a website? $3000 atleast? OR maybe you can just hire a freelancer and get it done for $500 but then would it as good as the one done by a professional agency?

But after giving it a lot of thought, may be you just want to know what it takes to make a great website? And so you Googled “How to make a website for begginers guide?” And you landed here, so what will this guide teach you?

First off, sorry for the rant, I just can’t help it, secondly, Congratulations!

Congratulations as I will not only teach you how create an amazing looking website in minutes but also save you lot of time and money that could be put to good use for your online business down the line.

Now lets get into this, here is a step by step guide, totally made for beginners on how to make a website.

The pre-requisites :

Consider these as the ingredients for the recipe- a website. You need these to start cooking, if you don’t have any of these, just go ahead and buy them :

  1. A Domain
  2. A Web Hosting
  3. A Coffee to Srikar : Wait what? Just kidding, that's all, you need to buy these two and I have recommendations for both, just go to and signup for any of their web hosting package, I recommend the basic one as you are just starting and guess what, you have get a domain name free with the hosting, so whatever domain you wanted to buy, subject to availability will be included in the web hosting package. Great, right! Lets move to the next step…

Assuming now that you have bought the web hosting package, you should are all equipped to make your first website. Excited? So am I.

Let me first explain real quick what a web hosting is and what is a domain.

What is a web hosting?

A web hosting is where your website will be hosting, imagine it like a virtual computer where all your website content, i.e the code, the images and all the data you have will be put and that computer will always keep on running 24*7 so that when someone tries to open your website, its alive and well for them to access it.

What is a domain name?

This is fairly simple, your domain name is the address you want your company/blog/business will be presented on, it's like your vehicle registration number and is unique to everyone and is subjected to availability.

Sorry if the information said above is too basic, its for the few of you who just like to be reassured even though you knew what it is in a general sense.

Step by Step Process to Make a website :

Now here is the real deal, I assume that you just bought your hosting and have gotten the domain name registered while you bought it, lets say for example it is, now if you have bought it from the like have suggested a major part of the settings is already done, however if you have already bought the domain from another provider like lets say, bare with me on how to connect your domain and web hosting accounts.

(Note : Skip this step and go to the next if you have purchased hosting from as this part is autoconfigured for you)

Step 1 : Connecting your Domain to your Hosting : Updating DNS (Domain name Servers)

Now as we have previously discussed, a hosting account is where all your website files are “hosted” you need to link up your website address (d0main — to your web hosting account.

To do that, you need to login into your domain name provider and your hosting panel both, check your email for this information.

Once you have logged into your domain name provider, click on the domain name and in the options choose, add DNS or Update DNS of the domain.

Click on create custom domain name servers and add the domain name servers information in them, it generally looks like this

If you have any difficulty finding your domain name servers, just go ahead and ask the hosting support in their live chat or email.

Now that you have the domain name servers and have updated and saved them in your domain name, lets move on to the next step….

coming up..