Big Shift in Platform Business Models; Microsoft Miracle; MVPM

Big Shift in Platform Business Models

As companies look to Platform business models, the current platform business models may become obsolete and may have to shift. This is an excellent article from the very well known John Hagel on the big shift that is coming for Platform businesses. I found this line in particular very useful — ”the winning approach for a platform owner will be to focus on harnessing data and knowledge flows to help platform participants get better faster so that they can create and capture even more value from customers”

Microsoft Miracle

There was a time at Microsoft where “Windows First” mindset was impeding their ability to defend and grow their business. It was famously called Microsoft’s Lost Decade. While Satya Nadella is no Steve Jobs, it is refreshing to see him succeed at Microsoft.

MVPM: Minimum Viable Product Manager

This is a great article that defines a set of skills, experiences, and mindsets needed to be successful at Product Management. There are tons of articles on this subject but none go in detail in terms of what it means to operate at the intersection of Customer, UX, Business and Technology. It reinforces what we should look for when hiring for great Product Managers.

Depend Less on each other

Another great post from Jason Fried, CEO of Basecamp. “Every team or department at Basecamp has the power to do what it needs to do without getting permission from another team or department” Easier said than done but something to aspire. This is like the “Highly-Aligned, Loosely-coupled” philosophy at Spotify.