The Busy Bee

Everybody gets the same amount of time but the busy person who suffers from shortage of time will ultimately get disrupted by the person who can control his time. People who have a good sense of priorities protect their time from day to day ordinary things to focus on the things that matter the most. From time to time, I read The Busy Trap to remind myself of all the things that can make us busy.


What we get wrong about Technology

Lego cuts 1,400 jobs as profits fall. You need both strategy and culture!

Ankur Nagpal, CEO of Teachable, shares their revenue numbers, headcount, strategy and other growth metrics.

It’s not about digital or transformation. It’s about adaptation. Bingo! There is no completion date.

Nest moves downmarket with a new Thermostat

Jason Fried: Why I run a Flat company. Hire people for horizontal ambition than vertical ambition & focus on self-managing teams.

70 percent of the time spent watching videos on YouTube is now driven by YouTube’s Recommendation Engine

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