Mobile; A.I; Warren Buffett

U.S consumers spend 5 hours per day on Mobile

U.S. consumers continue to increase their time-spent on mobile devices. The average U.S. consumer now spends a whopping 5 hours a day on these devices (20% increase from Q4 2015). There is no turning back :)

A.I is going to change the 80/20 rule

This HBR article provides a window into the future of A.I and it’s impact on redefining organizations. The article provides 3 ways in which AI will change how we use the Pareto principle to digitally drive profitable innovation. A wide array of tasks such as identifying top employee contributors, which customers to upsell, prioritizing product features and attributes, etc., can all be accomplished differently with A.I.

As you think about this, here are some real world use cases of A.I that are already seeing the light:

Netflix uses A.I to make video look good on slow Internet

JPMorgan Chase using machine learning to interpret commercial-loan agreements

Please note that A.I and Machine Learning are interchangeably used in the Industry.

Warren Buffett’s Annual Letter to Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders

A standard index fund outperforms almost every hedge fund even before extra fees to the hedge funds are taken into account. Buffet has pointed this out several times- an index fund is always the most rational choice for regular investors. Also, this quote from his letter highlights Buffet’s transparency and the humble tone-

“Unfortunately, I followed the GEICO purchase by foolishly using Berkshire stock”

“It was, nevertheless, a terrible mistake on my part”

“Despite that cautious approach, I made one particularly egregious error”

It is always a pleasure to read his letters. Another article that is notable is Warren Buffet’s Best Investment from Bill Gates. I really liked the use of numbers to tell a great story.