Real Growth Strategy; A.I is the New Electricity

Here’s what a real growth strategy looks like

Meenal Balar shares her experience at Facebook and Remind and offers some valuable lessons to take home. There is a lot of value in having a unifying mechanism like free trial conversions to rally product and marketing teams behind a common metric. This will also tie in usage and engagement with conversions.

Andrew Ng: A.I is the New Electricity

Andrew is a leading thinker when it comes to A.I and teaches an online course at Coursera. This Stanford class touches on several interesting topics including practical advice on A.I based Product Management. This is 90 minutes well spent if you want to know the potential impact of A.I on business. He also offers some great advice to all the folks who worry about A.I.

Digital & services revenues now make up 68% of our total revenues at Pearson

Interesting to see the shift at Pearson taking shape. Two interesting nuggets:

“Digital & services revenues now make up 68% of our total revenues (2015: 65%). We have made good progress in simplifying our technology platforms and seen strong growth in key digital products Revel, iLit, Q-Interactive, Connections Education and global wins in Online Program Management”

“On 18 January we announced a series of actions, accelerating our work to simplify our product technology platform and enhancing our courseware service capabilities with £50m of additional investment, reducing eBook rental prices and launching our own print rental program piloting with an initial group of 50 titles made available through Pearson’s approved rental partners. We have reduced prices for eBook rental across 2,000 titles, have made good progress on our print rental program and are today announcing details of the first wave of new digital products with greater personalisation, enhanced engagement and cognitive tutoring.”

A new design trend in Mobile

Complexion Reduction is a new design trend in mobile that is being adopted by a lot of companies like Apple, Facebook, Swarm, AirBnB. This is a trend to watch.