Amazon, Female representation is not an unfair thing to ask for
Aroon Deep

I disagree with every argument that you put out there. Amazon is a for profit corporate company. They are not entitled to please all sections of the society just to look progressive and liberal. Yes I would have loved to see a few women in there and I can think of a few who deserved to be there, but to demand special attention or quota and defend the argument by saying it is not demand for quota or reservation is absolute bullshit. Seriously, if you, yes YOU, the writer is so concerned for female stand up comedians, may be you should do something for them. I think we have seen far too much of pandering towards feminists and anybody else who feels oppressed. Women are not oppressed. And Amazon has done NOTHING wrong in chosing only men for their special. This is called free market. You dont like Amazon, dont buy their stuff. Create a new competitor who takes in only women. This idea that everything should be even and justifyable all the time, everytime, is sickening. May be for once, women will and should understand that they are not going to get freebees like seats in government offices. This is not sexism. This is hardcore reality. Sadly feminists dont like reality and facts.

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