For This Republican, Never Trump Means “I’m With Her”
Caroline McCain

Thank you for your measured and well reasoned perspective, Caroline.

I have been a Democrat my entire life, as has everyone in my family — we made phone calls for Hillary and volunteered our time and money to her campaign. But, like you, we are always Americans first. My parents are immigrants, and like most immigrant families in the US, our love comes from the gratitude and pride for a blessing hard won. They came seeking a fair chance for their young family and we grew up hearing the common refrain “You get to earn your future and support your neighbor. Don’t you dare take that for granted.”

I tell you all this because, despite party differences, I felt personally offended by Trump’s attack on your grandfather. John McCain has dedicated his career to the never-ending service of making this system more perfect.

We stand with you, not as fellow Hillary supporters, but as fellow Americans who honor our service members, ache for our fallen soldiers and POWs, and thank our patriots.

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