Yajna reflection questions
Sowmya Gopal

Hari Om! Unfortunately due to poor planning, I am answering these questions too quickly and too late. I didn’t look at Vivekji’s answers before writing mine.

1. What is the evolution of shravana and why?
The evolution of shravana is to pair it with seva — connecting the theory with the application.

2. What do the 3 strings and 1 knot of the upanayana thread indicate?
The three strings represent our thoughts, words, and actions. The knot is a reminder that we should direct our thoughts, words, and actions together towards the Higher.

3. What are ways we can appreciate our parents?
Listening to them, overlooking their weaknesses to better understand what they are trying to say, and upholding their values that have become my values.

4. What are you doing to invoke Joy? Bonus — What are you doing to evoke Joy?
Reading and contemplating on inspirational material; trying to increase focus on the present. 
Attending and participating CHYK events and discussion groups

5. What are 3 ways to sublimate jealousy?
Reduce desire, reduce ego, and identify with others

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