Let’s have sex tonight. We’ll leave the flickering bulb on. Let the light seep into the crevices of your wrinkles. Highlight the stray gray hair. Play havoc on your chapped lips.

You can slip inside my skin. Snuggle. Your ribs against mine.

Touch me. Not rub, not probe, not scratch, not grope. Touch me. Feel the thumping that is my madness.

Let loose my sanity. Tear off the robes of civility. The threadbare strips of morality.

Throttle me. Let my sins dance their macabre dance before my eyes.

Hold me down. Reign in my monsters. Let them gasp as you assault them.

Move in rhythm with the drums inside my head. Make love to the incessant shrieking. Bite down hard enough to make the scars disappear. Again. Over and over again. Until we are spent.

Or worse, quiet.

Let’s have sex tonight.

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