Dates & Reminders In WorkFlowy?
Jesse Patel

I use tags with a date syntax like “#yyyy-mm-dd” . This lets me search for tags this month — like #2016–05. I use such tags in the following ways.

  1. To time stamp events. Some fact happened on that particular day. Ex: “Dad flying to London on #2016–06–06”. I can click on that date tag to see other events on that day.
  2. To mark things I want to revisit in the future. For example, “Check for most requested feature #rem-2016–10–01”. I use the “#rem-” prefix for reminders.
  3. To timestamp when something got done. For example, “File report on blah blah. #done-2016–05–23”. Usually this ends up being a change of a #rem tag to a #done tag. This way, I can get a list of done items this month by searching for “#done-2016–05".

I’m mostly happy with this scheme, so if Workflowy would just recognize something like this (or an alternative) and present an alternative view like a calendar, let me edit such a tag using a date picker, or auto-integrate these mentions into google calendar, that would be awesome. A list of today’s reminders is often what I want to look at.

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