In terms of goals I set myself, This year hasn’t been great so far. I have more reds than greens. But I had a green today.

A string of circumstances ensured I didn’t start my day snared to my usual devices. Woke up an hour earlier than normal because of a weird dream, and couldn’t get back to sleep. Newspaper hadn’t arrived yet, and the phone was under the pillow my daughter was sleeping on.

What ensued was an hour of solitary thought. I didn’t feel rushed. Or guilty. Or scared by where my thoughts were leading me. Did some stretching, ground some beans, and watched the hues of the rising sun after quite a while.

I was in a very good zone. And am trying to record the thoughts that might take me to the same place whenever I read this again. Quite like a runner’s high. I might not get back to the same state, but I will try.

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