My First Month at Facebook!

It’s been a month since I joined Facebook, and I’ve been asked many times about “What it’s like to work at Facebook”. I thought I’d share my experience so far.
 Like every other person who joins Facebook, I was super excited to experience Facebook’s culture. I am amazed to witness that everyone here is truly committed to Facebook’s mission of making the world more open and connected.
 My first day at Facebook has been the most remarkable, so far; Facebook Orientation program for all the new hires(bootcampers) with lots of learning and opportunities to connect. First thing that took me by surprise is the cognitive diversity in the class…it was unmatched elsewhere! A few hours later, I learned how diversity is central to Facebook’s mission and how Facebook embraces the challenge of building a diverse workforce.
 During the day, I heard umpteen Facebook stories from fellow bootcampers and understand how they personally connect to the mission and the impact Facebook has had on their lives and communities. I heard several stories where Facebook was the channel to reunite their friends and families, and also help thousands, and probably millions of people during natural disasters and crises where people have turned to the Internet for help. 
 I spent my first two weeks in the company going through several onboarding sessions that are well structured to bring people up to speed on all parts of our code base, while nurturing principles around working towards company goals. I was assigned tasks to fix bugs. I had never written PHP in my life, but after going through some tutorials, I got my code working and ready to ship on day four! 
 “The real secret sauce of awesomeness at Facebook is reinforcing a unique culture of self-sufficient individual contribution from day one. Employees are given tremendous autonomy to go out and build great things”
 Soon after my first week, I was most surprised by how the company value “Focus on Impact” is so real! People have been asking me “What’s the Impact of a specific work planned?” , “What’s the Impact my team can make over next few months?” and several impact-related questions. This was not something I was explicitly asked before. It took me a while to really think through the impact and articulate it before I proposed any ideas and approaches. I quickly realized how this mantra was instrumental in helping me efficiently lay out the vision and goals for my team.
 One month in and I’m lovin’ it!!
 I am now hashing out new initiatives and hiring Data Engineers to scale up my team. We have great opportunities for strong technologists and data enthusiasts to propose and build groundbreaking frameworks, and implement novel and innovative measurement approaches that will shape the industry.

Facebook offers numerous mentorship, learning and development programs that are well structured to provide deep support that serve as an active catalyst for people to thrive.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the opportunities over here, check out Facebook Careers , What’s New at Facebook and get in touch!