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The age of self help is here folks. You look around and you see books which can help you do things. You go online and you see videos,articles,blogs,DIY etc. which help you do things. There is a guide for you to do whatever you want to do. If you don’t know what to do, then don’t worry, there are guides to help you do that too. If there is one thing that i keep looking to, keep searching for are the guides to live. You may be thinking, “wtf, he is alive, he is already living!”. Yeah that is true. I am alive. But, in this digital age, i don’t really know where I am alive though. When I am typing this article on medium, am I alive at my desk or am I alive on medium’s server transferring thoughts onto it. When I use facebook on my phone, am I alive at my seat at work or am I alive on facebook. So do I live in servers and spend some fleeting moments at the place where I am physically. But, it is not just technology that raises these questions. Dreams feel real too.

Waking up in the morning… That is a feeling that I find hard to describe with words. No, it is not such a beautiful experience. It is just an experience. And it is an experience I sometimes don’t want to have. Sleep is an experience. It is another experience that I don’t want to have. Sleeping and waking up is a cycle that I still haven’t understood. I do sum total of fuckall each day. I wake up, spend 2 calories brushing my teeth, spend 10 more calories bathing. Spend a few more calories changing. Then few calories to get out of home. Most of my daily calories are spent on kickstarting my bike. Where do I go after i start my bike? for some beautiful breakfast. I don’t exercise, dont spend any calories, don’t use my mind, nor body. so why do i need rest? why do i need sleep?

Ok, I am going to sleep tonight. My fingers will need rest after typing 100 or so words. But, why should I wake up tomorrow? should I wake up to make my dreams come true? should I wake up to spend more time on some cloud servers? should I wake up to say hi to my loving parents? Why should I wake up?

The answer is easy. I Just have to wake up and I will know why I woke up. I wake up and my senses turn on. I start sensing things. I smell the day. I look at the crumpled mess of a bed sheet I’ve left behind. I touch my dehydrated skin. I feel the water splash on my face. And I check my phone. I check my phone for messages from yesterday night that came after I slept. Who could have possibly texted me? Oh yeah it could be her! should be her. It is her. Good start to my day then. But it is not her is it? It is again just a server. It is just a server somewhere sending me data packets which change my emotion and can make or break my day. Mr. Ambani wants to make these data packets free( 99 bucks per month I hear). But these data packets are what lets me watch football games wherever I want? these data packets let me do what I want wherever I want. But is what I want limited by these data packets? Are we limiting our lives to what a smartphone offers? Are smartphones really the ultimate devices for humans? Should they be our ultimate companions?

We as humans are moving in the wrong direction. Is smartphone becoming our sixth sense? These datapackets are vibrations in the air. They excite few particles in my physical body and create emotions in me. They engage a few neurons in my body and send pulses throughout. They are real and we feel them through the smartphone. Have we humans created a new sense for ourselves?

Musings for the night. Done. Dusted.

Later folks


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