The Neighborhood Stories : II

The next week for Ram was a blur. He spent his time at school thinking of the perfect plan. He spent his time after school laying the foundations for the plan. That weekend was going to be important for Ram. It was his first revenge mission.

The weekend was unlike any other for Ram. Saturday usually started late. But for ram, sleep was unnecessary. He couldn’t risk missing anything. He set up camp on his balcony with an eye on the proceedings on the other side of the road. The car arrived early in the morning. And the girl,Ram’s target, got down from the car. Ram knew what was going to happen next.

Ram was calm. He knew what was going to happen. Around midday, as predicted, he heard a thud followed by a short scream and then the dog barking. Ram knew what was happening. He rushed to his balcony. The neighbors had come out and the girl was limping inside their compound. There were broken bricks lying around. The bricks in the wall had given way.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Ram, went to his neighbor’s place.


“Ram. Do you know who this girl is?”

“Aunty, I have seen her around here. She was troubling your dog last week.”

“Oh!” The neighbor turned to the girl.

“What’s your name beti?”

“Aunty, My name is Lakshmi. I am visiting my uncle at that house”

“You should not be jumping walls. You can come inside through the gate anytime you want”

Ram was stunned! “ Aunty! She has been troubling your dog all this time. You should punish her. You should at least tell her parents”

“Ram, you should go home now”

“But….” Ram couldn’t understand what was happening. He was still very satisfied with the bricks falling as well as it did. But, Aunty’s reaction was unexpected. With his partial victory secured, Ram returned home. But, his weekend had just started. He had other plans up his sleeve. He had just gotten started.

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