NPT — an opinion

Despite the positive intentions of the NPT there have been criticisms regarding its effectiveness. Countries which have not signed the NPT(India, Israel, Pakistan, South Sudan) argue that nuclear weapon states which have singned the NPT but did not carry out dis armament completely cannot impose sanctions on nuclear weapon development. Pranab Mukherjee, India’s external affair’s minister, said “ If India did not sign the Non Proliferation Treaty, it is not because of its lack of commitment for non-proliferation, but because we consider Non Proliferation Treaty as a flawed treaty and it did not recognize the need for universal, non-discriminatory verification and treatment.”

A loophole in the NPT allows for the member states to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.The problem is that the technology to produce nuclear energy and weapons is the same. To convert the fuel into weapons one only needs to enrich the uranium or convert it into plutonium.Now, the supposed country can sign the NPT, acquire the technology and resources from countries already possessing it(saying that it is doing so for peaceful purposes) ,declare that it is abrogating the treaty and make nuclear weapons. If the treaty provided any penalty against countries which abrogate after getting the tech then it would have been useful in this case. But it does not do so.

Though the NPT has loopholes which allow the big Five to maintain/develop nuclear weapons and cunning countries to acquire them, it remains the most respected disarmament agreement of out time. There exist 190 states, including 5 NWS, that have signed and are in agreement with the articles of the treaty.

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