Trending technologies in E-commerce

There is a massive shift in the E-commerce industry especially from past 5–10 years. Technologies like the 3D view and Zooming technology made the consumer to engage more on E-commerce sites. But with the massive growth retailers are looking for advanced technology to retain customers on website.You know, the consumer leave the site if loading time is more than 3 seconds.

Still, the e-commerce is like an infinite scrolling of products to deal with consumer patience. If you know what exactly you want to buy then the burden is low, solutions like filtering might solve the problem. with the phenomenal growth of On-line retailers and consumers, these technologies are gonna change current trends in E-commerce

Artificial Intelligence

According to Business Insider, 85% of the customer interaction will handle without human by 2020. Handling of Emails, Chats and responses will become more and more efficient. All these things possible with artificial intelligence

In next five years, artificial intelligence takes a bigger role in decision making. These are AI tools are going to create a leap towards E-commerce growth

Visual Search

Visual search is an artificial intelligence tool to identify the matching objects as per the photo uploaded by the consumer. It is not easy to perform these task while dealing with billions of image. But the advancement in Computer power and Big Data, now the computers can able to identify billions of shapes and sizes

Google enabled the visual search and last year Pinterest launched visual search on their platform


Personalization is the customised shopping experience for consumers based on their buying behaviour, demographic behaviour. Still, E-Commerce is an infinite scroll of products, consumers are looking for personalised for quick decision making. Most of the E-commerce sites are enabled this features as a recommended products based on user search behaviour on Retailer website, Social media or search Engine

Chat Bots

Engaging customers is the ultimate goal of any Brand, most of the online shops launch Email campaign to notify about the new product launch and offers, but consumers are receiving the 1000’s of marketing Emails, So the email opening and conversion rate hit a bit

“We think you should message a business just the way you would message a friend,” — Mark Zuckerberg

The chat bots works like 24/7 customer care to answer the consumer queries or to send notifications about new product launch and offers etc

Video commerce

Over the decade the E-commerce website switched from a plain text to the High graphic product image. 360 Degree view and Zooming technology are the key players in customer engagement. Now consumer would like to see the product virtually and a video can bring life to the product. A video on landing page can create 36% of conversion compared to the website without video on landing page

But to create a video e-commerce site needs a huge investment and large IT infrastructure. The free portals like Afnity allow the user to host mini videos which are less than or equal to 2 min. This portal has the features like mobile responsive designer video player for better engagement on social media.

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