Why Tableau you need to learn now

There are many reasons as I explained in what you can do with Tableau, learning of it gives you tremendous opportunities.

Tableau learning opportunities

As the world going analytics way and cloud computing power is back end, then you no need to worry about resource.

I mean to say is system resources are more…

Now, organisations are eagerly looking for innovative ideas every where.

The key point here is : A great demand ahead for human resources. So data coming from multiple resources in the form of files, databases, social media data, data from mobile phones, laptops and desktops etc.

These data anyway we are being processed with Hadoop technology and getting data in some kind of format to further analysis.

My personal idea there are multiple programmers already worked in mainframe. Due to reduction of jobs in mainframe people going for alternative careers. The alternative career for mainframe explained here very well.

Learning Tableau, R, Excel and Vbscript is a good idea to boost your career further. The idea already presented.

There are some other highly demanding IT skills, that also you can consider for your next career.