Federer holding the Australian Open 2017. Picture Courtesy: Associated Press

I’ll confess. The last time I jumped 3 feet up in the air, 3 or 4 times was perhaps when Mahendra Singh Dhoni dismissed one to the stratosphere a little above the Wankhede skyline!

There is a joy in watching the man play. It is like watching Rahul Dravid bat. It does hurt when the man loses. Worse, these days, it hurts to even watch him play, considering that you aren’t even expecting him to compete, let alone win. It hurts to realize that the man is past his years. For this very reason, when you see the man win, the elation amplifies.

Why, would you ask? Perhaps because one loves the legend of Federer. Perhaps because you love the sheer grace of the man’s presence on the court. Perhaps because you love that lovely one-handed backhand. Or, perhaps because a Federer win reminds you of your fine student years; of the many days spent evangelizing the gang of the man’s greatness; of the many days spent celebrating the man’s countless victories!

There was a Sampras. There is a Federer. There will be someone else, I’m sure; only I’m not sure I’d be following Tennis anymore after the man retires! Until then, here’s to the grand old champ. Roger Federer!