Design Freebies by Me (week #1)

This is my first article ever. Do check all the freebies. You will love it❤

#1 Girl

This Illustration was inspired from I replicated in different style and colors. It was really fun while working on this illustration. Coming to the color palette, I chose Purple, Yellow & Pink which gives pleasant feel for eyes.

Tools i used: Adobe Illustrator

Time taken: 1 hour

Download link here:

#2 Fancy Newsletter

Here is the #2, Newsletter : You might have noticed many newsletters from your daily email. Newsletter makes users more engaging. Newsletters are used in different forms like Product Purchase, E-commerce, Invoice etc. Here is my Newsletter shot for product purchase. Download and enjoy.

Tools i used: Sketch 46.1

Time taken: 2 hrs

Download link here:

#3 Lovely icons

Here is the #3, Lovely icons . Creating icons are always fun, if we love and have a patient in what we do. If you want to see how I crafted these icons and want to learn from it? I have given my source file for you 😎 (Sketch and Illustrator source file attached)

Tools i used: Sketch 46.1, Adobe Illustrator

Time taken: 3 to 4 hrs

Download link here:

#4 Design Desk

Here is the #4, Design Desk Isometric Illustration : Everywhere is isometric nowadays. All the designers are trying out isometric illustration for the Landing. So thought of making one freebie. Do use it :)

Tools i used: Adobe Illustrator

Time taken: 3 hrs

Download link here:

#5 Indian Architecture

Here is the Final one #5, Indian Architecture. I love architecture design especially Indian. Indian Architecture has complex shapes and details. Hope you love the final illustration.

Tools i used: Adobe Illustrator

Time taken: 5 to 7 hrs

Download link here:

That’s it guys.

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