The Next Billion Dollar startup is in Mobile Social Video (Part 4)

This is the final post in my series on the next billion dollar startups in mobile-social-video. Do read Part 1, where I defined the broad contours and trends of the video/mobile/social ecosystem, and Part 2 and Part 3, where I stuck my neck out in belief that certain businesses will find significant scale.

I’ll close the series by stating a firm belief in Virtual Reality as the successor to mobile video. There’s no better way to deliver certain stories than in VR — Live events (sports, concerts etc.), Tourist demos (E.g Take Dubai Tourism’s TV spots, and turn them into a real VR experience), Adventure Sports (Scuba Diving, Sky Diving etc.). And of course, applications of this to movies etc.

There might be other areas some of my colleagues in the mobile or gaming industry might have conviction in — I wouldn’t discount those, though I don’t have a strong notion of what they might be.

Now, thinking about the “stories” above — The one thing missing in the mobile VR experience, is that of engaging in these stories as a social group, with your friends and family.

I believe the next billion dollar business is the Social Netflix for VR with a focus on Sports/Live Events.

The idea is simple, and the first company to do this is bound to be a unicorn: 
1) Take what Netflix is doing in regular video content, and apply that to live VR content.
2) Then, take all the social elements of live online social gaming (chat, voice etc.) and add that in.
3) Pilot it with the live telecast of a large enough sporting event (a World Cup or Superbowl equivalent) so the social elements mature with the feedback from a sizable user base.

​My fundamental argument is that this works better for live events than any other — and it’s worth building a niche offering for it (It helps knowing that most people will watch a big sports event live, and usually pay for HD).

That’s the end of the mobile-social-video series — let me know your thoughts. I do believe everything I’ve posted about is a v1.0 of what will be a huge ecosystem with many big players. Thanks for reading!

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