What, Why, and How Did My Product Management Journey Begin?

What is Product Management?

“Product management is the intersection between business, user experience, and technology”.

Source: craft.io

Why do I want to become a Product Manager?

I started my career as an engineer, and I love programming, developing the cool stuff which customers use. After a few years, I got an opportunity to transition into a Product role. From then I started learning about Product Management and honestly, this is the best thing that happened in my career. I found out I love building more than coding. And here I started rather than just the ‘how’, I learned myself involved in the areas of ‘What’ and ‘Why’ and to ‘Whom’, ‘With Whom’ of our product’s which opens up a whole different world of learning.

How I transitioned from an Engineering to a Product role

I used to be a developer when I first began my career and after a few years, I joined a startup, where I used to collaborate with multiple stakeholders in the organization and was an active participant in idea brainstorming sessions to bring new features to the product. I was asked to move into the Product role by the leadership where I need to lead the engineering division. And then started learning the influence the team without authority to lead the multiple teams who are higher experience than me in their expertise.



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