UChain — In Verge of Revolutionizing the Global Sharing Economy

With the never-ending growth of technology, people are continuously seeking ways to make their lives easier than they were before. Internet Era has been a huge support for building up interconnectivity among people, thus developed concepts like “Global Sharing Economy”

What is Global Sharing Economy?

The term has the range of meanings but when we took the very essence of it, global sharing economy means a cluster of online activities associated with online transactions utilized in order to build up a globalized, cooperative online economic architecture. The system is used to describe any kind of Peer to Peer (P2P) and Business to Business (B2B) transactions done through the internet. The concept is continually growing with the time, predicted to be converting into a $520 billion industry at the end of 2018. Even in 2015, 72% of Americans found out to have used the system of global sharing economy for their transactions.

The growth of different aspects of the traditional rental sector with the aid of the global sharing economy is demonstrated in the figure. Anyone can easily understand the potential this market represents. Then it is easier to understand the value and need of a major platform to control all these aspects of global sharing economy at once. This is where the UChain system comes to play.

What is UChain?

UChain is the first ever public infrastructure specifically developed to optimize several aspects of the global sharing economy. Inside the UChain ecosystem, any sharing economy business will be able to issue their own tokens connect with the customers through the UChain platform.

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UChain Partners

UChain is aiming to progressively broaden up its relationships with successful industrial companies on the locus of developing into a full-fledged global sharing economy platform. So far, it has partnered up with one of the coolest rental services operating on a global scale.

U.B. Group Holding is offering shared travel services on a large scale, which is registered in the Cayman Islands. Its main objective is to renting out several kinds of vehicles, thus consists of the group of companies.

  • U-bicycle (Fourth largest bike sharing platform in the world.)
  • X-Bike (Sharing bicycles in Chinese Colleges)
  • LocalKing (The Taiwanese transport sharing market leader)
  • GrabCycle (holds shares in Grab’s Southeast Asia bike sharing brand)
  • U-park (Pioneering brand for Smart parking services)
  • U-car (Innovations brand for Car sharing services.)

All the companies combined have more than 100 million customers, spread throughout 8 countries in 4 continents. UB Holding is aiming to launch its sharing bicycle DApp on the UChain slightly upon its initiation.

UChain Token Details

  • UCN Token — The basic token unit
  • UC Token — UCN Power token can be used to voting inside the platform
  • URC-1 Token — As described above, different service providers can offer their own
  • URC-1 standard tokens inside the platform
  • Hardcap will be set at 42,000 ETH and the total token supply will be decided later
  • 1 UCN = 0.0925 USD

Project Timeline

UChain Team



  • Jimmy Hu — Founder & CEO, APEX Network
  • Jonathan Ha — CEO, Red Pulse
  • Ding’an Fei — Managing Partner, Ledger Capital
  • Henry Wu — Venture Partner, Ledger Capital
  • And many more experienced and expert visionaries.

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