How Confirmtkt is solving the train waitlist problem in India ?

ConfirmTkt is a ticket discovery tool which is changing the way people travel in India. It is solving of the biggest problem which Indian train traveler faces every day.

The Problem: “Getting a Confirmed ticket to travel”

In India almost 2.2 million tickets booked on a daily basis of which 7.9 lakh tickets would be in waitlist. This is a huge problem which a Indian train traveler faces.Many of us know if we are lucky a W/L ticket will get confirmed. And people start guessing and trying their luck. Some people are lucky enough to travel & some people just cancel their trips just because they are not getting a confirmed train ticket.

Lay man Solution : Everyone would have seen people say “For a train “XXX” W/L 30 would confirm” .How they guess it ? Just by their past experience!!

Confirmtkt Solution :Confirmttkt does the same . The intelligence behind the ConfirmTKT PNR predictions is very close to how humans think. We humans predict and act on the future based on past experiences.

In the similar way ,ConfirmTKT algorithm analyses the past ticketing trends and predicts your ticket confirmation chances.ConfirmTKT maintains confirmation thresholds for every train and predict the ticket confirmation chances based on them.

ConfirmTKT is designed in such a way that it learns while predicting. So, the more we predict the more accurate and efficient we are.

What Inspired us?

We faced the same problem which every Indian train traveler faces . Whenever we plan to travel from Bangalore to Hyderabad (to our native places) . We would see long waitlist. We had 2 option

Either travel by train ( if you are lucky enough to get a ticket ) start shelling out huge amount of money on the buses . Which would be some where 5–10 times of the train fare during the peak season / weekends .I started observing the ticketing trends for train (Bangalore Express-12785) which I usually travel and surprisingly I saw a trend in the way booking and cancellations happen . To try out started booking the waitlist tickets based on my observation and many times we both travelled with Confirmed ticket . So at the point we thought of building a software which can predict and help is common user . This is how everything has started .

Team Behind this :

Sripad Vaidya –

A travel freak and pure analytics guy . Handles analytics and operations of Confirmtkt.

Dinesh Kumar Kotha –

A core techie who can develop anything and everthing irrespective of technology / platform. Handles product development @ Confirmtkt.

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