Counting Down

16 more days to go. I am thoroughly excited for that trip to London with my wife. It is our first trip to abroad that is not to our home country. We try make to routine trips every year to India from the US. But that’s not what I am planning to write about. This is not like a travelogue or something. My thoughts were revolving about having a countdown in one’s mind for something they look forward to. In an ideal scenario, we look forward to something we normally enjoy like vacations in my case or some movie or just getting home to my favorite couch and TV.

However, we don’t really like to have a countdown when we have something we dislike approaching us — like Mondays, Alarms or even going back home from a vacation sometimes. We prefer for time to listen to us. It will be nice to freeze or unfreeze time and it sure is not going to happen (although I believe time machines are awesome). Assuming they do exist, are we going to stop behaving like humans? No, I know we all will again start counting down to dread the day when we might lose it.

When our life’s timer keeps ticking away and we think we are looking forward to something, they are mostly the ones we dread. Fear of losing what you cherish the most — money, job, car, house and what not. Have we ever felt the fear of losing the time we already have on hands? When we immerse into doing things that don’t matter or have any purpose, have we wondered if it was put to the best use ever? We spend countless of hours ignoring people that matter to us only to look forward to having a good time with them. How stupid is that?

Countdown to every second you have in your life. Everyday is worth looking forward to. The smaller things in everyday bring bigger joy than the bigger vacations you keep looking forward to. It is always a right time to be happy (and yes, please be sad at someone’s funeral though!)



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