Ideas for Uber

What can Uber do

I will try to describe a way for Uber to make rides significantly cheaper for riders, increasing pay for drivers and make profit.

Idea is very simple. Grab user eyeballs (just kidding). Add engaging advertising content to the Uber app like YouTube but go beyond what YouTube can do.

YouTube charges 0.03 — 0.10$ for 15 — 20 seconds non-skippable Ads.

Let’s take median of what YouTube charges: 0.07$ for 20 secs ~ 0.21$ per min (and max being 0.3 — 0.4$).

For sake of comparison, let’s find out the price of UberX for San Jose, CA UberX (San Jose): $0.22 per min.

So, Uber can make you watch bunch of cool videos while you ride to your destination at no cost or minimal cost to you. As Uber has you signed in the app and knows your location and where you are going — they can target with better ad content. This is huge online-to-offline opportunity for Uber.

In addition to video ads, Uber can work with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube Red to unlock their exclusive content for user for sometime.

What Uber is doing

They launched local offers and Google Now inspired cards (FourSquare recommendations, Snapchat custom filter, etc.,) in the Uber app for the user to browse and make actions.

How Businesses can integrate with Uber

When you order food, groceries, products etc., online to pick up at a local store or book tickets for local concerts, business can charge you additional amount for discounted Uber ride.

How Businesses are integrating with Uber

So the part of the delivery charge you pay to product you are buying goes to Uber when the business uses UberRush.

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