How to prepare for a video interview, present your portfolio, and engage your interviewers

A strong interview paired with an impressive UX portfolio is a recipe for putting yourself ahead of other candidates. When you land an interview, you want to be ready to share examples of your work and bring it to life in a way your portfolio can’t do on its own.

Solid preparation can set you up to steer some of the interview as well. Like a conversation, an interview is as much for you as it is for the company. Yes, the employer is trying to see if you’re a good fit. …

Six leaders on what they look for and how to present yourself in the best light

No matter what the job market looks like, a strong UX portfolio is the most important part of a designer’s job application. (The second most important thing is the interview.) This is good news because your portfolio is a part of the hiring process you control. You can be confident that the effort you put into improving it is time well spent.

That’s the first of several lessons I learned when I asked half a dozen Indeed UX managers for their advice to designers working on their portfolios. Collectively, they’ve reviewed thousands of applications and have a strong sense of…

Sriratana Sutasirisap

Design thinker and innovation enthusiast. Currently a Senior UX Designer at Indeed. In my spare time, I like working on crafts and learning new languages.

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