Hello Entrepreneurs, Let’s take care of our Mental Health

Sushant Singh Rajput (a renowned young Indian Actor) commits suicide. This is an interesting profession — show business. Your public image is everything. No one gets to know what you are going through and what you are thinking. Unfortunately, everything is not as hunky-dory as it seems to the external world.

Things are pretty much similar, if you are an entrepreneur. You have no other way but to keep yourself strong in front of everyone, however weak you may be feeling from inside. These ups and downs that we face every day can easily put us in a state of depression. And no doubt depression KILLS! This fight to survive, the competition, these expectations (from clients, from employees, from vendors, from investors, from media, from family, from friends and from ownself) can be overpowering. Even we are in a show business where we have a lot of pressure but we are not in a position to display them in public. We feel that we are being judged at every step, and at times it is true. But this is also true that people around us aspire to become entrepreneurs.

These are difficult times. We all are going through it. If you are an entrepreneur who is going through a tough time and you just need someone to hear you out, please feel free to ping me. I will be more than happy to talk to you. Just talking to someone who can understand your pain can be a lot of relief.

I have a group of entrepreneur friends and I will be happy to pull them as well, if required, to hear you out.

Don’t be too illogically ambitious, just because your friend is so, and is doing well, if this does not suit you. Each one of us is different and we need to accept it and plan our course of action accordingly.

Enjoy the journey. You already are what other people aspire to be. An Entrepreneur!

Take care of your mental health and target to become a “Happionaire” :)

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Entrepreneur. Branding Consultant. Internet Marketing Expert. Angel Investor. Founder - A1 Future Technologies, @LogoDesignTeam @InfoGraphicTeam @AnimatedV

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Srish Agrawal

Srish Agrawal

Entrepreneur. Branding Consultant. Internet Marketing Expert. Angel Investor. Founder - A1 Future Technologies, @LogoDesignTeam @InfoGraphicTeam @AnimatedV

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