AIYSEE is a Fake Organization, Don't go for it.

After my intermediate results, I was worried about my engineering admission. At that time some financial issues also happened in my family so I was more worried that how could I take admission into Engineering College. Then one of my friends told me that there are some scholarship examinations which provide scholarship. Then I started searching for those examinations. Then I have seen AISSE and AIYSEE, both were quite similar. I registered for both of the exams and attended the exam.

After the exam, AISEE and AIYSEE both of them announced a cut-off list and with my hard work and dedication, I got cleared both of the exams successfully. After that, I got a call from AISEE and they told that I am rewarded with 3 years of scholarship on tuition fees and congratulated me.

I was also waiting to get a call or mail from AIYSEE, I waited for few days after cut-off marks announced but no one called me from the AIYSEE side. Then I tried to call the given number on the website of AIYSEE but no one was picking the call. Think how these guys were making fool to everyone as I called AIYSEE more than 100 times but no one replied. Then I asked some of my friends who given the AIYSEE exam and they also said that AIYSEE is Fake. They were not giving any scholarship. Then immediately I have taken 3 years scholarship from AISEE.

So this happened to me, as finally, AISEE helped me by giving a scholarship of 3 years on tuition fees to building my career.

So guys don’t make any mistake by registering on AIYSEE, AIYSEE is totally Fake.

AISEE is the original scholarship Entrance Examination which is running under the Ministry of Finance act under the Government of India.

Is the AIYSEE Fake?

Yes, After much research, I got to find this prove which I want to show you all This is the AISEE Website screenshot captured by the amazon Alexa Wayback machine on May 31, 2015.

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AISEE Layout Screenshot taken on May, 31–2015
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AISEE Content Screenshot Taken on May, 31–2015

This is the AIYSEE website screenshot captured by the amazon Alexa Wayback machine on Aug 20, 2015

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Image for post
AIYSEE Layout Screenshot taken on Aug, 20–2016
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Image for post
AIYSEE Content Screenshot Taken on Aug, 20–2016

You can clearly see here that the AIYSEE website Copied all the Layout and images as well as content from the AISEE website. As AISEE website started in 2015 itself and AIYSEE started in 2016. AIYSEE had just copied and pasted the source code of the AISEE website.

AISEE is the original website that was started before AIYSEE. After which AIYSEE copied source code from the AISEE website and created a copied or Clone website of AISEE in another name.

Is AISEE fake or real?

AISEE is a National Level that was started with an aim to provide Scholarships to each and every Talented student who are financially weak and help them in taking admission to Engineering and Medical Colleges with help of the Scholarship. AISEE is undertaken by the ministry of finance and promoted by NTA-which conducts the NEET examination every year. AISEE is a very reputed and trusted NGO that runs for the betterment of the educational society of students of India. But due to this(AIYSEE) types of Fake and duplicate website, people are getting manipulated as there is the only difference of “Y” in the both-AISEE and AIYSEE by which they(AIYSEE) are manipulating innocent students in the Name of AISEE and cheating them by charging money and offering nothing to the students. AIYSEE is just a clone of AISEE which is diverting students from the original AISEE website. I was also one of the victims of AIYSEE as I had registered and paid money to them but didn't get any response from them and their phone number and address were all fake.

And another thing is when I was filling the AIYSEE form, they had given me 52 options for exam centers and I had selected Vijaywada. When they issued my hall ticket they have given me Delhi as my exam center which was far away but anyhow I able to manage because my relatives were living there so I went there and given the exam. Then I asked a few of my friends about the exam center and all of them told me that they were giving far away locations so that students cant able to reach the venue to attend the exam by which the exam peoples can't be blamed for not getting the scholarship. So it was just a trick of the AIYSEE to fool students as whichever city they will choose they will just give you the opposite city as the center so that you cant be able to reach and attend the exam. I also heard from one of my friends that AIYSEE just published the result of only 4 to 5 students and they didn't publish the result of others. So this is how AIYSEE is playing with our money and career. They are just collecting money from the registration and not providing any scholarship to anyone. This is the truth that I discovered after doing all the inquiries against AIYSEE. So guys, please be aware of this kind of Cheating website and don't let yourself get fooled by them.

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